Tutor911 – tutors with a mission to improve students’ grades and help them in a 1:1 learning environment. We work with families in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.


What do we offer?

  • Proven success record of grade improvement
  • Proven success record of higher test scores
  • Individualized, customized learning plans
  • Top college entrance exam prep

Different students require different approaches to learning

Students have different levels of motivation, different attitudes about teaching and learning. They have different responses to educational environments and instructional practices. The more thoroughly instructors understand the differences, the better chance they have of meeting the diverse learning needs of all of their students. The tutors at Tutor911 strive to meet all these requirements. 

Each student will have their own custom study plan. Tutors focus on study methods, homework and test prep during the school year. The one-on-one sessions benefit the student out of the classroom setting. When you join Tutor911, you get more than additional instruction; you get personalized, one-on-one support catered to your child's learning style and needs. Our tutors treat every student differently, finding the best method that works for each one. We work to find ways that will help each student understand new concepts and ideas. Our team of tutors know how to work with students to create positive outcomes.

Our 1:1 sessions

Our tutors come to you at a scheduled time. We offer different packages for the school year focusing on studying methods and homework help on all your school subjects. After a consultation we can determine what is best suited for your needs.

Summer program

The summer program advances students for the next school year. Our tutors teach the material for the upcoming school year. This gives children confidence in class and makes them better prepared for the year ahead. This program has a limited number of spaces and fills up quickly! For more information, please contact us about the available options.

Our test preparation programs

Tutor911 provides a custom plan for PSAT and SAT. Tests are a big part of every college program. Regardless of the student’s major or grade level, the ability to take tests is crucial. This is one of the reasons Tutor911 provides test prep tutors who are specially suited for each student. 

PSAT preparation

The PSAT serves as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Students who take the PSAT in 11th grade are automatically entered to compete for this prestigious award, which can help them get into top-ranked colleges and universities and receive scholarships. PSAT prep will improve students’ confidence before the exam and give them a head start on preparation for the SAT and ACT,  increasing their chances of qualifying for the National Merit Scholarship.

SAT preparation

The SAT focuses not just on a base of prior knowledge and vocabulary, but on students’ problem solving abilities. SAT test prep courses help students build stronger critical thinking skills in order to maximize SAT scores.

Ultimate test prep

Many colleges, particularly the more selective ones, require or recommend certain SAT Subject Tests. These are hour-long, multiple-choice tests offered in 21 subject areas. SAT Subject Tests are an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their particular strengths.

College application program

Tutor911 helps you with your college application process and finding out which school best suits you. We will direct you as to which classes to take, how to bulid a strong application, and analyze your academic grades. Then we can inform you how to improve upon them.